So much has been written on organisational change that the sheer complexity of the dynamics involved can seem overwhelming. The fact is that a significant percentage of organisational restructures are unsuccessful.  It is universally acknowledged that managing the "human factor" has a significant impact on organisational change enterprises. How many initiatives have been killed off by sheer passive resistance? 

Managing people and change are fundamental for achieving success and yet they are often neglected because issues dealing with  individual behaviours fall into the realm of soft skills - an area in which many managers and leaders feel ill equipped. 

In recent years developments in brain science have contributed enormously to our understanding of areas in the human brain that detect changes in our environment and send out a fear signal to the brain. These deep structures in our brain are helpful in appreciating the physiological impact of change in the human body. There are a multitude of physiological aspects around change in highly functioning adults. The momentum of change involves managing the polarity of motivation AND resistance. 

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