MBTI "Self Discovery" Workshop

MBTI Self Discovery Workshop

The stripe pattern on every zebra is unique - like human fingerprints. Each individual is uniquely different. 

Carl Gustav Jung, said an individual "is not to be understood as a recurrent unit but as something unique which...can neither be known or compared with anything else". CG Jung "The Undiscovered Self' ©1958. 

Type does not characterise personality in order to allocate it to a "box of letters"but it is a key to appreciate our innate preferences of behaviour and marvel at the variety of our human personalities.  

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) is by far the world's most trusted, widely researched and powerful behaviourial profiling tool. It continues to help millions of people worldwide explore the many facets of human behaviour and relationships. 

The "Self Discovery" workshop is interactive, fun and engaging. It will also deliver life changing learning about how we look at ourselves and those around us.

On competition of the workshop individuals will be able to:

  • Understand their personality type and preferred behaviours.
  • Understand the different behavioural preferences of other individuals
  • Value the attributes and gifts of all the individuals in the group.
  • Learn how to best communicate and interact with others in the group
  • Develop strategies to enhance and their interpersonal relationships, both in the workplace and in their lives

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“I've realised that what I thought were shortfalls could be considered as gifts by others.” Jodie - Self Discovery workshop

" I actually laughed out loud because of its accurate reading of my personality"                    Megan - MBTI® workshop